Adolfo García-Sastre, Ph.D.

Mount Sinai School of Medicine

Dr. García-Sastre is Professor in the Department of Microbiology of Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York, where he investigates the pathogenesis of influenza and other negative-strand RNA viruses. During the last 15 years, his research has led to many breakthroughs in the biology of influenza viruses. In collaboration with Dr. Peter Palese, he developed the first reverse-genetic approaches for the production of infectious recombinant influenza viruses. These techniques are now routinely used with many negative-strand RNA viruses. Dr. García-Sastre is also known for his studies on innate immunity against influenza and other viruses, which resulted in the discovery of the first virus-encoded interferon antagonist. In 2005 Dr. García-Sastre reconstructed the   extinct pandemic influenza virus of 1918. Dr. García-Sastre is author of more than 200 publications, and member of the Editorial Board of eight journals specialized in virology and infectious diseases. He was one of the first members of the Vaccine Study Section of the National Institutes of Health, and currently serves on several committees of this institution. He is scientific advisor for several Biotechnology companies and is also the founder of Vivaldi Biosciences. Dr. García–Sastre is the leader of the basic research component of the Viral Therapeutics and Pathogenesis of the North East Biodefense Center proposal, a multi-institutional academic consortium of centers in New York, Connecticut and New Jersey.