RetroVirox is a privately-held company. In 2008, RetroVirox raised seed-funds to cover initial operations and since inception has secured non-dilutive funds from the National Institutes of Health. Combined, RetroVirox has raised over 1 million, and is now seeking partnership opportunities and venture capital financing to develop its antiviral programs.

Our initial investors included entrepreneurs and renowned scientists from the academic and biotechnology fields, with decades of experience in antivirals, assay development, and high-throughput screening assays.

Partnerships and Collaborations

RetroVirox is interested in working with companies to: i) expand the size of our antiviral screening efforts with HIV and arenavirus targets; ii) perform medicinal chemistry on leads identified from our current screenings, and; iii) utilize our core platform technology to screen for inhibitors against other viral systems.

The company is also interested in novel technologies to facilitate the discovery and screening of novel antivirals, and early-stage leads with antiviral activity against Dengue, influenza, HCMV, coronavirus, HRSV, HBV, and rhinovirus. We are open to discuss several mechanisms for partnerships and collaborations, including joint grant applications, to secure finance for early-stage research and preclinical development of novel antivirals (Read more).

For additional information regarding investments, collaborations and partnership opportunities with RetroVirox contact us.